CPM Frequently Asked Questions

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Q) What is CPM and why are there opponents of it?

Q) Is it true with CPM that, as a team member, my grade is determined by the work habits of everyone, not just myself?

Q) Someone wrote a post that the philosophy behind the CPM multidimensional classroom is to encourage all students to “feel good about themselves in the math classrooms” (Boaler, J, 2008), while working on an open task in a small group of varying mathematical aptitudes.” Is this true?

Q) Why are students asked to work in groups, collaborating with each other as they work through math problems?

Q) Is it true that students are responsible for each other’s learning in their group work and that teachers expect students to explain solutions to mathematical problems when other students in the group do not understand?

Q) Is it true that students are not allowed to move ahead until everyone in the group has mastered the mathematical concept and that acceleration is not encouraged in the class?

Q) Is it true that within CPM students who are under achieving are brought to the same level as the higher achieving students through the use of group work?

Q) I have seen a post where someone keeps referencing a researcher named Boaler. Who is Boaler and what does he have to do with CPM?

Q) Why can’t we go back to the “old” way we did math?

Q) Why aren’t the homework problems reflective of what we learned that day in class?

Q) While using CPM math, why do you learn a concept/skill one day and then see that same standard taught again in a month, in a different chapter?

Q) Why do students have to work in groups?

Q) What is the role of the teacher within a CPM led classroom?

Q) Why were students not involved in the selection of new math materials?

Q) Why should the “team assessment” impact my student’s individual grade?

Q) Besides the “team assessment” and the “individual assessment”, where else are the grades coming from?

Q) Is CPM being used in a pilot or is CPM the adopted resource for the Olmsted Falls City School District?